Stranmillis Primary School

stranmillis primary schoolStranmillis Primary Is situated on Knightsbridge Park  Te school prides itself in offering a caring, family atmosphere where the children are content and satisfied. In this happy environment, pupils are equipped with the skills and knowledge  to enable them to be fully functioning and active members of their local community who can contribute in a positive way.

The school holds high expectations, both for the school itself and for its pupils with a determination that each pupil can achieve their full potential. The school is continually striving and changing to ensure the utmost educational quality for the children. There is  dedicated, enthusiastic and highly qualified staff, who endeavpour to do their best for all pupils and parents

Stranmillis Primary draws its pupils from a wide range of backgrounds that diverse in their culture, ethnic, social and religious origins. It is this diversity which contributes a lot to the school; since 2007 The school has been recognised with the prestigious International School Award.

Stranmillis Primary School
Knightsbridge Park
Belfast, BT9 5EH

T. (028) 9038 1164
F. (028) 9066 4137

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